We have won our first match!


The friendly match on Tuesday against our friends, the Hamburg BitBots, provided us with enough material to be busy coding a long way into the night.
But the hassle paid off:

The next morning, in our first game against the Iranian team Parand, we still encountered problems, but a lot less.
The Parand strikers were strong shooters, but the FUmanoids prevented any clear goal, so ultimately, the game ended in a tie (0:0).

Vor dem Spiel

Having learned from the first match, our second one against the team AMITIS turned out to be more successful:

The Amazing Alan scored the first goal in the competition at all by dribbling it over the line. What a success!
Result: 1:0!

in game

The new rules apparently prove difficult for all teams.
Everyone seems to have trouble finding both ball and goal.
So it keeps being interesting to see how the competition will continue.

Oh right: Lutz held a presentation on one of his favorite topics: Inverse Kinematics.
It was both bold and beautiful, believe me.

Lutz Shake Your Booty

Update on our Preparations.. Tomorrow is our first game!


Happy Easter, dear Fans and fellow FUmanoids!
Our easter-weekend was pretty busy: filled with preparations and teambuilding exercises in beautiful surroundings (look at those mountains!).


Our Hotel (not our entry door)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Yesterday was the first setup-day on location and the first chance to test the robots on the playing field while around us the exhibition was being prepared.

The hall being prepared.


Today the IranOpen 2015 was officially opened with a ceremony including many important-looking people, participants from many different countries and an indoor fireworks.

Opening Ceremony

Fireworks inside?!

Some of our achievements over the last few days are a temperature-dependent gyrodrift, a quicker localization and improved (no, brillantly working!) ballrecognition (new rules replaced the former orange ball by a more complex one including white and arbitrary colors).
A huge relief is the artificial grass on the field: It is much shorter than expected and the ground is pretty sound, so it is relatively easy for the robots to walk on it.

We are on TV!

A list of our games for the next two days:
Wednesday 10 am: Parand (Iran)
Wednesday 2 pm: AMITIS (Iran)
Thursday 10 am: Hamburg BitBots (Germany)
Thursday 3 pm: MRL (Iran)

Greetings from Iran! Tata!

The FUmanoids in Iran!

All humanoids (both in flesh and steel) arrived safe and sound and were welcomed warmly by the hosts of the Iran Open RoboCup 2015.
We are all excited and hope that you are, too!
We will keep you up to date about the competition, stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed!

FUmanoids im Iran

Professor of the Year

The FUmanoids’ head coach, Prof. Raúl Rojas, has been named “University Professor of the Year” by the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV). We are very happy for this well-deserved award. Below is a short video (in German) that has been made for the award ceremony.


Steve watched the eclipse today.
Here is a picture of him with his cool protective glasses:steveSonnenfinsternis

Merry Christmas!

Team FUmanoids had a very successful year. We are now enjoying the last days till the new year.
We would like to say thank you to everyone involved in or supporting the project in any way:

THANK YOU, you are the best!

There are many plans for the upcoming year (including winning the RoboCup :-)) so please keep your fingers crossed.

Here’s a picture from our christmas party:FUmanoidsWeihnachten

Maintaining balance

As simple as it sounds, a very essential ability of humanoid robots is “not falling over”.

You can achieve this by arbitrarily complicated measures. In our case we focus on the more complicated ways (of course). We have developed an inverse kinematics solver using the concept of “damped least squares” which generates nice jacobian matrices which we use to perform gradient descents. With this fancy method we can give the robot certain tasks which it tries to execute. In the video you can see how the robot moves its center of mass towards a defined position above the left foot (it even uses the arms to raise the COM). And as a second task the robot shortens its right leg. The second task clearly interferes with the first but the robot can still fulfill both.
As another measure we have weighted the tasks toward the “hold your balance” task. It is obviously more important to “not fall over”…

FUmanoids vs Hamburg Bit-Bots : Live at the Long Night of Sciences

Tomorrow is the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin, and the FUmanoids can be seen as well. You can visit us in room 005 in Takustraße 9 from 5pm to midnight.


  • Live friendly games with the Hamburg Bit-Bots
  • Explanations and information on RoboCup and our robots (hard- and software)
  • Demonstration of our robots’ capabilities
  • videos of competition games

You can also talk to team members for your questions (you can recognize us by our shirts with the FUmanoid logo on the back).

Videos of the games

We have uploaded or linked videos from most of our games at RoboCup German Open 2014 and RoboCup Iran Open 2014:

RoboCup Iran Open 2014 (Teheran, Iran)

Level Opponent Score
Final Baset 4:0 Video
Semi Final Bold Hearts 1:0 (0:0) Video
Preliminaries pUNAMoids 5:0
Preliminaries MRL 5:0 Video
Preliminaries Parand 3:0 (2:0)

RoboCup German Open 2014 (Magdeburg)

Level Opponent Score
Final Bold Hearts 2:1 (1:1) Video
Semi Final WF Wolves 3:1 (2:1)
Round Robin Bold Hearts 3:1 (2:0) Video
Round Robin WF Wolves 5:0
Round Robin Hamburg Bit-Bots 1:1 (0:0) Video

For example the video of the German Open final:


Our robots proved themselves as goalie during April’s tournaments. Though they triggered a bit prematurely in the first games (better too early than too late :-)), we fixed this and in the later games the goalie reliably caught all shots on our goal. Here’s a small montage: