It’s time again – We are at RoboCup 2016

This year, RoboCup takes place in Leipzig – basically just round the corner. And after intensive work in the past few months, we are using the setup days to really get our robots going. Not only have we come with new software, but we want to put our new robot platform to the test.


At the moment our robots are acclimating to the light and ground conditions. Unfortunately some of the few robot parts we had to order (vs manufacturing them ourselves) did not arrive in time, so that we have to live with using a temporary setup. And there’s quite a few things left to do until the first games on Thursday.

The construction of our new robots was supported by the Karl Dieringer company from Berlin Lankwitz. They are specialized working with sheet metal and supported us manufacturing the aluminum parts of our new robots.

Already the first prototype was built with their help. Regular discussions about feasibility of designs allowed us to fix the problems in the prototype. In addition to adjusting the lower leg design, allowing us a larger moving space, and other minor improvements, the major change was a complete overhaul of the torso. It is now significantly slimmer and higher, giving us sufficient space for our power supply, Erolf, a 5-Port Gigabit switch, battery and two Odroid XU4 boards.

The new robots stand tall at 76cm – that’s almost 20% larger than last year’s model.

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