Pupppet mastery for adults

In the past the FUmanoids were able to gain a special reputation. Optimizing hard- and software each season by only making little changes? Rubbish! We rather send a new series of robots into the fray and rewrite our entire software, not without considerable pressure of time. This year will be no exception.

A new generation of robots will see the light of day and will have to learn to walk. Of course the whole software framework and the motion control will be redone as well. The movements of the robot are no controlled by inverse kinematics which opens up many new possibilities for the coders. One of them can be seen in this video:

The mobile phone is connected to the robot via wifi and synchronizes with its left hand. The gyroscope of the phone registers changes in orientation and transmits them to the robot who in turn tries to copy the movement of the phone with his left hand. He only receives only the desired position. How to move all his joints is calculatd by him on his own. This procedure can be applied to any extremity of our little tin man.

We should be able to control the robot like a puppeteer with multiple phones. IF several humans are able to coordinate their actions. It seems there will be various possible applications of this in the area of team building….

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