New Power Board (yes, again!)

The FUmanoids did it again again!

Years after the scheduled and years before the actual opening of Berlins new airport the FUmanoids finished another piece of hardware.
The new power supply board works just nice! Assembly and programming everything went pretty quick this time. In less than one week everything got worked out and in the end we got some neat new power supply boards that generate WAY more juice for 5V applications.

The new PowerSupply board (Banana for scale)

The new PowerSupply board (Banana for scale)

As you can see some things changed on the board:

  • We replaced the huge DC/DC-Converter with a smaller but far more powerfull (10A vs 1A!) different component.
  • We replaced that AVR Processor with a Cortex-M0 which introduces the advantages:
    • in circuit programming
    • Way more processing power yet about the same current consumption
    • smaller footprint
    • 12Bit ADCs (2 bits more than that AVR)
    • DMAs to reduce the processor load during data acquisition
    • A lot more of neat features!
  • We can now monitor the current consumption on the 5V Domain and on the Servos. We can even monitor the reverse current induced by BEMF

The PCB was manufactured by LeitON who covered the costs for the boards. Many thanks to the support from that company!

You can find the schematics, designs and the code here:

Currently we are working on a lot of other cool features and hardwares so stay tuned!

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