We Reached the Quarterfinals!

Short summary of our game day. It was long and very exciting!
First game against the Wolves: 2:0 Win, Ada scored twice and showed us how the robot walk is done!
We made it to the second round robin phase!


Faceoff with the Wolves!

Second game with the CIT Brains (Japan): These guys are the most promising team of the competition. But we held our ground pretty well! Because both teams had little problems finding the ball and running towards it, there were lots of collisions and damage done (we had two broken arms that needed tending to..).

Waaah, Timeout!

Surgery urgently needed! Anyone got a spare arm lying around?

In the end the Brains were able to transform their sweet shooting skills and fast walking speed into two goals.

Come at me, bro!

Duel with the CIT Brains

Third game, KUDOS (South Korea): In this game neither the vision nor the walking worked as well as in the other two games. Not much happened, in the end Ada saved the day again by scoring in the last few seconds.

And then the Giant came :O

KUDOS goalie looking at the playing field

So now we are second in our group and will meet the ZJUDancers (China) again in the quarterfinals tomorrow.


All sizes group shot of the Humanoid League

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