First Gameday, First Goal!

While our first game against the RoboFEI-HT was a tie, our first goal took place in the second!

Calibrating before the game

Calibrating before the game

First Game against RoboFEI-HT (Brazil): After not a lot to look at and just one run towards the opponent’s goal by Ada that ended much too soon on the penalty box line, the game ended with a score of 0:0.

Game with RoboFEI-HT

Game with RoboFEI-HT

In the second game John managed to dribble the ball over the score line and thereby scored our first goal!

omg so fast

John Dribbling Towards the Goal (GIF-Animation)

Later the strong dribblers of the Dancers were able to score a goal and evened out the score. The ZJUDancers are one of the tournament’s strongest teams, so the tie is quite the success for us.

Look at our brand new Teamshirt

Servicing the Robot

Tomorrow we will play our last game of the first round robin phase, and there is a lot left to work on and little time to do so. So it stays interesting.

The quickest hand of the east

Calibrating the Goal Post

PS: Only four out of 15 teams in the league have scored a goal today! (see the results)

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