Second Place in IranOpen!

The final against Team Parand:
It was an exciting and nerve-wrecking match, in which both robots and humans had to give all they could.

Testing the goalie

Even though the preparations were going well and finished on time, there were some technical issues which made some of our players miss valuable gametime.

Emmy In Service During Final Match

Striker Emmy still managed to dribble the ball up to the enemy goalline, where unfortunately she lost track of the goal and decided to switch teams.

Attacking the Goal Parand

We are especially proud of our goalie Grace, who managed to prevent a shot by the enemy striker of reaching the goal.

Parand Striker Shoots..

..Grace saves!

Unfortunately she couldn’t return the ball to the field, so Parand took the shot and scored.

In the second half the ball came dangerously close to the enemy goal again, but even though everyone gave their best, the ball did not want to pass the line.

After an extraordinarily exciting game Parand won with a score of 0:1 and we officially reached the second place of the IranOpen 2015.

Parand and FUmanoids

The competition was great fun and a great experience for everyone involved.
Our thanks go out to the organizers and all the nice people we met.
Congrats to the winners of team Parand!


Exhausted After the Match

P.S.: Special thanks to Peyman, our interpreter, organizer and friend.


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