Second day of the Group phase and semifinals

We reached the finals!

Short recap of the match day:

One thing worth pointing out how well the players communicated with another. The goalie Grace for example told Alan that he was dribbling towards the wrong goal, which allowed him to reorientate himself.

in game 2

The first game against the Hamburg BitBots was exciting as always, both teams had improved quite a bit since the testing match on Tuesday.
One of their defenders was nice enough to help the ball over the goal line when we had only made it up to it.
After more great chances unfortunately not taken, in the end we won with a score of 1:0.

in game 3

Our last game of the groupphase against our friendly table-neighbours of the team MRL ended 1:0 as well.
The redeeming goal needed a painfully long time to happen, and we were close to shooting at our own goal before that.


A sped up walker gave us more ballcontrol in the semifinals, in which we met with the BitBots again.
The game was quite the thriller, and the result (1:0) shows how close we were to a tie.

trainer bench

After this exciting day of Football and Robots and nice people and interviews with Iranian newspapers and TV stations and ice cream and exploding batteries (well, there were sparks..) we are all eager to play against Parand again in the final tomorrow.
This rematch of the tie on wednesday will be an interesting game for sure, we will let you know how it goes.
Wish us luck!

through the looking goal

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