Current sponsors & partnerships

Autonomos GmbH Autonomos GmbH consists of a team of robotic enthusiasts who are committed to the automotive and safety market. Since the founding of the company out of the Intelligent Systems and Robotics group at Freie Universität Berlin Autonomos GmbH has been working on camera-based safety systems. These systems enable individual solutions for the special challenges heavy commercial vehicles are exposed to. The scientists can draw from their long-time experience with self-driving (autonomous) vehicles and have been consulting car manufacturers and suppliers around a range of topics regarding efficient sensor-data processing. Many staff members are former RoboCup participants.
Karl Dieringer Die Firma Karl Dieringer ist ein Betrieb, der 1903 gegründet wurde und sich bis zur heutigen Zeit fest in Familienhand befindet. Sie sind ein zukunftsorientiertes Unternehmen, das sich seit jeher am Stand der Technik orientiert und ihn versucht mitzugestalten.
Die zwei Hauptgeschäftsbereiche sind der Bau von hochwertigen Metallfassaden bzw. –bedachungen und die Zulieferung einfachster bis hochkomplexer Bauteile.

We are looking for sponsors to support our team on its way to the next World Cup! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor (donations are tax deductible) please contact us!

Former sponsors & partnerships

Hella Aglaia HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH, a subsidiary of HELLA KGaA Hueck& Co. with more than 150 employees, has worldwide operations and is an innovative driven company. They are one of the global leaders in the development of intelligent image processing systems and specialize in driver assistance systems, E-mobility and people counting or passenger counting.
ISEE designs and manufactures very small Linux-based Computers. Designed for product engineers and designers, ISEE products offer advanced function and open source software at industry-leading prices in low or high volume.
Vision Components develops and distributes intelligent, network-compatible real-time cameras. With the proprietary multitasking operating system VCRT, the devices operate without an additional PC, making them easy to integrate into almost any industrial facility. Typical application areas include quality and completeness checks, measurement and code recognition. For solar industries VC offers a customized solution for positioning and edge control of solar wafers.
PI Informatik GmbH is an innovative and industry-neutral IT service company for companies and government agencies.