RoBOW HL Edition (2014)


The RoboCup community has strongly grown during the past years. Beside the annual world championship and RoboCup symposium there are plenty of local events, for example German Open, Japan Open, Iran Open etc. and workshops at international conferences, e.g., the Workshop on Humanoid Soccer Robots at the Humanoids conference. Additionally, many contributions at international symposia, conferences and journals underline the significance of the RoboCup community.

However, the larger the community gets, the more difficult it becomes to establish the exchange of knowledge within the community. This is because the large events aim to present the final results to the public rather than to share implementational details with other RoboCuppers.

The knowledge on a more practical level is distributed within the RoboCup community by source releases, team description papers and discussions at RoboCup, conferences etc.. However, at a conference or an international workshop only newest and essential research results can be presented, i.e. usually there is no time for deep discussion of implementation or technical problems. Additionally, only few selected members of a team may attend such events. The RoboCup competitions provides such possibilities, however, due to the competitive character of the event there is usually not sufficient time to talk extensively with a lot of other people while preparing games at the same time.

So the missing links in that chain are events that give teams a possibility to communicate at a pragmatic level with no pressure of competition or publicity in a lab-like manner, which is not possible at a conference or competition. We want to foster such events. As such, we started – together with Humboldt Universität zu Berlin’s NaoTH team – the RoBOW-workshops in early 2010.

RoBOW events in March 2014

There are two RoBOW events on March 7-9, 2014. One is organised by us and hosted in Berlin. The other one is organised by the SPL team Nao-Devils and hosted in Dortmund, currently six SPL teams have RSVPed (link to event page). This page is about the event in Berlin.



  • Friday, March 7: 4pm to midnight
  • Saturday, March 8: 10am to midnight
  • Sunday, March 9: 10am to 2pm

There is no specific schedule available. We approach this as kind of a social event, where the teams can get to know each other. Most importantly, experiences can be shared and ideas discussed. By playing friendly games, we can compare the current status of our research. There is the possibility to hold talks, if anybody is interested to present something (and others are interested in hearing it) please let us know beforehand or bring it up when the event starts.


The event will be held in rooms 005/006 at

Institute of Computer Science
Freie Universität Berlin
Takustr. 9
14195 Berlin

If you arrive with car, there should be parking space in Arnimallee. If you arrive by public transport, you can check (enter Arnimallee 7 as destination for street address, though if you get any routes that go from the U3 subway station by bus, consider just walking that part). The closest subway station is “Dahlem Dorf” (route U3), the closest bus stop is “Arnimallee” (express bus X83). Ticket fare information is at (you most likely need area “Berlin AB”, unless you come from outside Berlin, e.g. airport SFX which requires ABC).


We will have a fully 2014 rule-compliant KidSize field available (with the exception of the goals which are the old height). We have two of the new game balls (Franklin Soft) for testing, though if you can bring additional balls this would be helpful.


Some of our team members can offer a spare couch. Otherwise there are quite a number of decently priced hostels and hotels in Berlin. Let us know if you need assistance in finding accommodation.


We will make available (for at cost price) non-alcoholic beverages and some snacks. For actual meals, there are a few local shops and of course a multitude of delivery services.