We are out :-(

Something unbelievable happened. 10 min before the game, Lean’s camera didn’t work anymore. We had to take a 2 min timeout to change the cameras with one old robot. The game was rough and there was no mercy on both sides. In the end we shot 2 goals and ROPE 6. The most humiliating fact […]

Ready to play

Good morning China. Our robots are now in good shape. We did a lot the last days to make the walking more stable, the behaviour doing what we want it to do, fixed the network problems and the vision. Of course there could be done more, but we have to rely on what we have […]

Too bright inside

We bought sunglasses for our cameras. The lighting of the field is too bright for our cameras since we added a panorama lens that now collects too much light for the sensor … Ok. Sunglasses glued to the camera. Images are now a lot better. Color calibration works. And on to the next problem…

We reached the quarter finals

11:00 The first game our wireless network really worked ended with a glorious 6:1 against the Team B-Human from Bremen, Germany! [6 for us ;-)] Still problems to solve… 13:00 We were lucky and played a tie against Hephaestus from Tsinghua, China. The game ended 2:2 after a goal of Hephaestus was rejected because one […]

Good start

08:00 Our first match won! 10:0 against RoboRazi from Iran – who sadly didn’t show up in time… 11:00 FUmanoids were victorious against Team TKU from Taiwan. We won 3:0!

First day

The RoboCup venue is a huge Expo area. Every building here seems to be not older than 5 years. In RoboCup more than 30 nations take part – playing in 12 different leagues. All of them buzzing around like bees in a hive. We will use the two days before the competition to set up […]

Arrived in China

We arrived in Suzhou after a 10 hours flight. Temperature: 36° Celsius, Humidity: 150%, AC density: high.