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New Power Board (yes, again!)

The FUmanoids did it again again!

Years after the scheduled and years before the actual opening of Berlins new airport the FUmanoids finished another piece of hardware. The new power supply board works just nice! Assembly and programming everything went pretty quick this time. In less than one week everything got worked out and in […]

(Deutsch) Wahnsinn! Neuer FUmanoid Roboter noch vor BER fertiggestellt!

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

(Deutsch) It’s been a while

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Btw.. the German Open 2015? The FUmanoids won :)

We know, this is kind of late, but still:

The FUmanoids won the Humanoid KidSize Soccer tournament of German Open 2015!

As a short reminder: Due to the new set of rules all teams were struggling to play a decent game. Especially the new artificial turf made walking and getting up hard as never […]

We are in the finals of the German Open

Today was a long day for all teams.

The morning saw the remaining preliminary games (two per team). After we fixed an issue in the walking code, and added a motion to roll from the front to the back to be able to always get back up, we were quite optimistic that we would score […]

We survived the first group games

Today were the first half of the preliminaries (round robin). We played two games, which you can see below in the recorded live-streams the Hamburg Bit-Bots provided.

Alan taking possession of the ball.

We tied 0:0 in both games. However we managed to gain possession of the ball quite often […]

German Open (Setup) Day 2

Yesterday was the second and last setup day. We spent a lot of time testing and improving the robot software in the morning, in anticipation of a friendly game against the Hamburg Bit-Bots in the afternoon. Progress was good, we managed to get the walking more stable and standing up at least from the back […]

German Open (Setup) Day 1

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) we arrived in the lab early in the morning and drove to RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg. After arriving and unloading the cars, the first task was to inspect the playing field. As you know this year’s rules require a new, more challenging ball (at least 50% white, not the uniform orange […]

Second Place in IranOpen!

The final against Team Parand: It was an exciting and nerve-wrecking match, in which both robots and humans had to give all they could.

Even though the preparations were going well and finished on time, there were some technical issues which made some of our players miss valuable gametime.

Striker Emmy still managed […]

Second day of the Group phase and semifinals

We reached the finals!

Short recap of the match day:

One thing worth pointing out how well the players communicated with another. The goalie Grace for example told Alan that he was dribbling towards the wrong goal, which allowed him to reorientate himself.

The first game against the Hamburg BitBots was exciting as always, […]