Back in Berlin

We are back in Berlin. Eve, Tim, Bob and Lea are now scheduled for a short vacation. Due to budget cuts we couldn’t afford to send them anywhere nice, so we just uploaded some pictures of beaches and martini bars on to their internal memory cards.

As to the human team, some […]

RoboCup is over and we won 2nd place

The day started with our website being down, so at the time of writing the game is now long over.

We arrived shortly after 8am and though we expected a rather relaxed day, the stress level turned high quite soon as we tried to experiment with improving some aspects of game play and noticed that […]

Semi-finale 4:3

At 4pm our robots got ready to play their most nerve-wrecking match yet. In the semi-finale we met CIT Brains from Japan. We already played against them earlier this week and won 4:2, however we saw them play the day before against Darmstadt Dribblers in another test game and it was obvious that they had […]

Quarter finale 7:2

The day started well with the results of the technical challenges. We got third place. Considering that it was the first time we took part in this challenge, we are very pleased with the result. And there is huge room for improvement for 2010 .. watch out for us 😉

The rest of the day […]

Technical Challenges

Today we are facing the technical challenges. Before our half-hour time slot, Eve is eagerly awaiting to get in action whereas Bob needs a little rest.

The first challenge we tried was the obstacle avoidance and dribbling. We had a bit of bad luck as a few […]

Second competition day

Today were the second round robin games and our robots had to change their color for the first game …

… in which we played against Bogobots-TecMTY from Mexico.

Bogobots-TecMTY – FUmanoids 0 : 5

We experienced several hardware and software problems during this game. So we had to give a […]

First competition day

TH-MOS – FUmanoids 0 : 10

We had a very good start this morning and finished our first game ahead of time. Now we are looking forward to our next match against VT_DARwIn.

VT_DARwIn – FUmanoids 0 : 1

Somehow we “calibrated” too much magenta (obstacle color) into the field lines. […]

Second training day

After having had to leave the hall at 11pm last night (they just shut off more and more of the lights), we came back this morning looking forward to a test game against the Darmstadt Dribblers at 1pm. Before that, we had to pass inspection and continue our preparation.

Before the game, our robots enjoyed […]

Let the games begin – RoboCup 2009 in Graz

We arrived in Graz yesterday. The weather, of course, is humid and warm – our Opel is running irrespective of the warning lamp (uuuh). Today we will setup the whole system: network, cameras et cetera. Business as usual. We already met the Nimbros, they are working on the neighbouring table. They look tired and weak […]