Rien ne va plus

Unfortunately the FUmanoids missed the semifinals. The good news: We detected the ball and goals from pretty long distances, and getting up again after falling down worked like a charm as well. The walker was pretty stable and this is the first competition we used the “Ready”-phase to have the robots strategically position themselves. Last, […]

We Reached the Quarterfinals!

Short summary of our game day. It was long and very exciting! First game against the Wolves: 2:0 Win, Ada scored twice and showed us how the robot walk is done! We made it to the second round robin phase!

Faceoff with the Wolves!

Second game with the CIT Brains (Japan): These guys […]

First Gameday, First Goal!

While our first game against the RoboFEI-HT was a tie, our first goal took place in the second!

Calibrating before the game

First Game against RoboFEI-HT (Brazil): After not a lot to look at and just one run towards the opponent’s goal by Ada that ended much too soon on the penalty box […]

RoboCup 2015: Setup Day 1

After one and a half days of travelling and very little sleep, we finally made it to our hotel beds in Hefei thursday evening. The many, many flighthours were spent with games, drinks, movies, and (of course) some programming.

There is always some bug to fix, even in the sky.

Yesterday was first […]

Boxing Up the Robots

Finally: Tomorrow we will be on our way to China! RoboCup 2015 starts in a few days and the schedule is tight. The robots are sleeping in their cases, gathering strength for the tournament.

Packing up for China

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned: We will hopefully update frequently, depending on the […]