The final

After having lost 3:5 against CIT Brains, we played the Darmstadt Dribblers in the small finals. We already met them in the German Open Final and the finals of the last two RoboCups and as so many times before, lost this game as well. However we ended with 4:8 and even were in the lead […]

The half final

CIT Brains filmed the half-final, so here’s the uncut version. As you can see we still had some stability problems.

It’s the final day

Yesterday we played the rest of the round robin games and the quarter finals. We won all of them and will post a longer report soon, but right now our full focus is on the semi-final against CIT Brains this Sunday morning. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more up-to-date status information, for now […]

Nail biting start in the 2nd round robin

As we were first in our group and did not participate in the technical challenges, we had a lot of time to prepare for the first game in the second group phase today. As usual we tried various improvements and added bug fixes and were rather optimistic entering the game against TKU.

Unfortunately our optimism […]

First in group

Apologies to everybody for not having posted news yesterday, but a loss of internet here at RoboCup as well as a downtime of our webserver successfully prevented us from going into too much detail of the rather distressing test game against the WF Wolves.

Yesterday was the second setup day and we continued preparing the […]

First day

We arrived well in Istanbul yesterday and were at our hostel in the early afternoon. The rest of the day was spent exploring the area and relaxing a bit in preparation of the competition.

Today was the first setup day, which means that we spent all day preparing the robots, checking everything and fixing any […]

Standing up the other way round

With the new legs it was necessary to find a new way to stand up from the back. The “usual” approaches were not as stable as we liked, but this just made us go some unusual way 🙂

Here’s a video of Emil practicing the rough idea (with our mill providing some lovely background noise) […]

Istanbul, here we come

Today is travel day. Leaving Berlin early in the morning we are flying to Istanbul. We will arrive in the early afternoon, giving us a chance to prepare everything for the next day and get a good nights rest. Starting tomorrow we will be at the RoboCup and provide you with daily updates on our […]

Everything is packed

With our flights leaving Berlin tomorrow morning, we have packed all we need or possibly much more than we need. Most importantly our robots are safely tucked away in their cases.

The new team

Having built new robots meant having to pick new names. Following our approach of the last years, we decided to go again with short names and a mixed team. So here are the names of our new robots:

Lina – Anna – Emil – Luke

They are brand-new and their first competition will […]