Rien ne va plus

Unfortunately the FUmanoids missed the semifinals. The good news: We detected the ball and goals from pretty long distances, and getting up again after falling down worked like a charm as well. The walker was pretty stable and this is the first competition we used the “Ready”-phase to have the robots strategically position themselves. Last, but not least, we could walk. Nice.

Nice one!

Self -Positioning

The Chinese ZJU Dancers danced their way to victory, one might say. Their stable and fast walking made them hard to stop on their way to our goal. They took the lead in the first few minutes after Emmy, our designated goalie, decided to turn around and take a walk in her own goal and Grace decided to just stand by and politely let the opponent pass.
In the second half Ada took the courage and went into offense, only to be stopped by a Dancer that almost scored a goal in the ensuing counterattack. Emmy blocked the attacker, not giving in to the pressure inflicted upon her, and heroically prevented the 2:0.

..but Emmy "The Rock" prevented the goal

Counterattack by the Dancers

In the end the Dancers deservedly won the match and went on to win the semifinal as well. In the final they will meet the CIT Brains, familiar faces to us. It will probably be an exciting match on the highest level.

Teamphoto with the ZJU Dancers

Teamphoto with the ZJU Dancers

In the evening we participated in two Technical Challenges:
First, Ada had a bottle of sand thrown at her chest and managed quite well to not fall down, the poor thing.

Fortunately there's a bottle around it!

Throwing sand at Ada

Later, we tried to kick a fast moving ball into the goal, which unfortunately failed whenever the ref looked. But hey, we got prove it worked at least once:


Technical Challenge (GIF-Animation)

More pictures in the next few days!

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