RoboCup 2015: Setup Day 1

After one and a half days of travelling and very little sleep, we finally made it to our hotel beds in Hefei thursday evening.
The many, many flighthours were spent with games, drinks, movies, and (of course) some programming.

bugfixing in over 10 km height

There is always some bug to fix, even in the sky.

Yesterday was first day of setup; today will be second. While the teams are getting used to the artificial turf and the other conditions of the competition, it is exciting to see so much great competition. There are many robots walking and shooting on such a high level that the games are surely going to be a fascinating sight.

Teams Preparing on the Field

Teams Preparing on the Field

Testing, Fixing, Testing, Fixing...

Testing, Fixing, Testing, Fixing…

A list of all competing teams can be found on the page of the RoboCup Humanoid League (including qualification videos!), and this is also where the results of the games will be made public.

More to come soon!
Robotic greetings from China!

Emmy and the New Ball

Emmy and the New Ball

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