Btw.. the German Open 2015? The FUmanoids won :)

We know, this is kind of late, but still:

Winners of German Open 2015!

The FUmanoids won the Humanoid KidSize Soccer tournament of German Open 2015!

As a short reminder:
Due to the new set of rules all teams were struggling to play a decent game.
Especially the new artificial turf made walking and getting up hard as never before.

Alan struggling to get up

Teaching Alan how to get up.

All our work paid off in the final against Russian newcomers Team Photon from Tomsk.
Even though our first two dribblings failed right before the opponent’s goal, finally we managed to score in overtime.
Have a look at the complete game here (big props to our buddies the Hamburg Bit-Bots, who streamed and uploaded all the games):

The scoring of the goal can be seen at 46:40, the dribbling towards the goal starts approximately at minute 45:00.

A huge Thank You! to the organizers of the event and greetings to all the other teams who made it such great fun.

Привет в Томск, приятели!

The Finalists: FUmanoids and Team Photon, Newcomer From Tomsk, Russia.

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