We survived the first group games

Today were the first half of the preliminaries (round robin). We played two games, which you can see below in the recorded live-streams the Hamburg Bit-Bots provided.

Alan taking possession of the ball.

Alan taking possession of the ball.

We tied 0:0 in both games. However we managed to gain possession of the ball quite often and move it toward the opponent goal. In both games (as well as the other games played today) we were the only team to manage this in that extent. Most teams had severe problems getting either back up or walking more than a step or two, whereas our robots managed to recognize the ball and walk over longer distances. Unfortunately this was not quite enough to score a goal, as we were still plagued from falls and especially our on-going inability to stand up when having fallen on the front. The latter required the robots to be taken out, which cost us valuable time. It was also unfortunate that the robots “lost” the ball a few times when close to the goal and wandered off to somewhere else.

We are looking forward to the games tomorrow (10:15 against Hamburg Bit-Bots, and 12:15 against Bold Hearts). We have started added further improvements which we hope will allow us to score a goal tomorrow. Stay tuned, come by to cheer us on or at the least watch it live (thanks to the great service by the Hamburg Bit-Bots).

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