German Open (Setup) Day 2

Yesterday was the second and last setup day. We spent a lot of time testing and improving the robot software in the morning, in anticipation of a friendly game against the Hamburg Bit-Bots in the afternoon. Progress was good, we managed to get the walking more stable and standing up at least from the back (so far). After lunch and a referee training, it suddenly was 4:30pm and we played almost a full test game against Hamburg Bit-Bots.

As test games are designed to do, this showed us quite a few problems and what we would have to work on for the rest of the day. We suddenly had immense problems gaining any ground on the grass and a last-minute bug in the code caused most of the robots to just refuse to do any work at all. The Bit-Bots didn’t score much better and spent most of the game lying on the ground. We also had problems getting up, mostly when falling on the front.

The software crash was quickly fixed after the game, and the walking algorithm also received additional attention (though as it was working much better before and after the test game, it may have simply been robot stage-fright). In addition to the artificial grass itself, additional challenges arose by the way the grass turf was being laid down, having a few bumps and a small trench at the part where the two halves meet. After some fine-tuning it looks a bit better, but it will still be interesting to see how we (and the other teams) will handle it.

Today (Friday) the games are starting. The schedule is up at, we will be playing our first game at 2:15pm against the WF Wolves, and the second one at 4:15pm against the new team Photon. A live-stream by the Bit-Bots will hopefully allow you to see the game live (we will post the link to our Facebook page – which is visible without a Facebook account, by the way).

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