We have won our first match!


The friendly match on Tuesday against our friends, the Hamburg BitBots, provided us with enough material to be busy coding a long way into the night.
But the hassle paid off:

The next morning, in our first game against the Iranian team Parand, we still encountered problems, but a lot less.
The Parand strikers were strong shooters, but the FUmanoids prevented any clear goal, so ultimately, the game ended in a tie (0:0).

Vor dem Spiel

Having learned from the first match, our second one against the team AMITIS turned out to be more successful:

The Amazing Alan scored the first goal in the competition at all by dribbling it over the line. What a success!
Result: 1:0!

in game

The new rules apparently prove difficult for all teams.
Everyone seems to have trouble finding both ball and goal.
So it keeps being interesting to see how the competition will continue.

Oh right: Lutz held a presentation on one of his favorite topics: Inverse Kinematics.
It was both bold and beautiful, believe me.

Lutz Shake Your Booty

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