After the finals at RoboCup Iran Open 2014, we were asked whether we wanted to play a friendly match against the winning team from the SPL (MRL).

So we went over to the SPL field and started our preparations. Because we played on their field with slightly different lighting, different goals and with a much […]

Iran Open – The Games

Due to some intermittent internet outages and generally being quite busy preparing the robots for the games, we unfortunately did not add any information about the actual competition days at Iran Open in a timely manner. However, if you followed us on Facebook (no Facebook account required), you already know how it end. In this […]

Iran Open – Second setup day

After having gone to bed early last night, everybody woke up this morning refreshed. After a nice breakfast, we went to the hall and started working on some improvements. It remains to be seen how much we will actually be able to finish in time, as they close the hall quite early for a RoboCup […]

Iran Open – First setup day

We arrived in Tehran at 3.15am local time this morning. After some delay with deboarding, a very long line at immigration and some discrepancy in regards to our position and where to really pick up our luggage, we were warmly welcomed by members of the Iran Open organisation.

At the end, we arrived at our […]

German Champion

In an exciting final game, we met the Bold Hearts (UK). We scored the 1:0 quickly, but the Bold Hearts evened to 1:1. Both teams continued strong, but at the end of the game we managed the 2:1 and won.

We will follow-up with videos of the game later this month. Right now we are […]

German Open – Finals!!

It was a full day, with the third round robin game this morning against the Bold Hearts, and later the semi-finals.

In the round robin game we met the Bold Hearts, which is a rather strong team in regards to walking speed and shooting at the goal. Fortunately for us, they tend to lose track […]

German Open – First day of games

Today we started with the round robin games. At noon we placed against the Hamburg Bit Bots. Though we managed to move the ball towards their goal, and sometimes even quite close, stability issues caused our robots to miss all chances to score. At the end, the game ended with a 1:1 tie (both goals […]

German Open – second setup day

Today was the second setup day. We started the day with an extensive check of the robots, improving various aspects and preparing for the second test match against the Hamburg Bit Bots. This game went much better (for both sides) than yesterday, with a final score of 1:0 for us (pictures below). Obviously this still […]

German Open – first setup day

The first setup day at the RoboCup German Open comes to an end. We prepared all robots, tested most of our features on the large field, and did a test game against the Hamburg Bit-Bots.

P.S.: You will notice we built new heads over the weekend 🙂

On the way to the German Open

We are off to participate in the RoboCup German Open. Tuesday and Wednesday will be setup/preparation days, and Thursday to Saturday we will have the actual competition. If you are in the area, swing by to watch a game (free entry).

Updates will be delivered via Facebook (no account needed to view our posts) and […]