If you followed us on Facebook, you already saw how our sixth robot – Emmy – was coming together. It was a long way for Emmy to start walking. Initial plans for here were made over a year ago, when we manufactured enough mechanical parts for six robots. In January, Emmy’s legs and torso were […]

Steve, our non-bipedal humanoid robot

Testing computer vision, modeling and behavior on a humanoid robot can be difficult. At some point you can’t rely on the simulator anymore and have to test on a real robot. And suddenly everything becomes more complicated and the results less reliable. Swearwords can be heard when the robot is not working perfectly (lose screws, […]

First friendly game of the season

After having coded past midnight on Friday, the teams arrived back this Saturday morning to prepare for a day of coding, talking and tests. We did our first friendly game this year, against the Hamburg Bit-Bots. Some issues on both sides caused the number of shot goals to be quite low (final score was 1:1). […]

Visiting Robots

This weekend, we are hosting the latest of the RoboCup Berlin Open Workshops (“RoBOW”). While the SPL-Teams meet in Dortmund, several Humanoid teams have come to Berlin to discuss the latest developments and test their robots in some friendly games. What a wonderful opportunity to test the new big field and prepare for the upcoming […]

New feet

After numerous complaints (not just from Ada and Grace), it became obvious that the robots needed new shoes. The old ones were quite clunky and also heavy, so a new much lighter model was designed and added to all robots.

The old, clunky feet. The old feet of all 5 robots. The new foot without anti-slip cover.
The new foot without anti-slip cover.
A robot with new feet