Hardware Release

In the spirit of sharing, our team has made available all developed electronic components used in the FUmanoid robots. This includes schematics and board layouts, as well as the required firmwares.

The first component released is our power board. It includes a microcontroller to monitor voltage, report the system state and cut off power if […]

Source code 2013

As last year, we decided to also release this year’s source code. More precisely, the version used in our last game (quarter finals) at RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven. Even though a code re-use is rather difficult in the humanoid league (due to the different and often quite individually constructed robots of each team), we are […]

New large field

Last weekend the FUmanoids discovered their inner craftsman and built a new soccer field. Since the rules for the Robocup 2014 require a field of 9m x 6m the old field in the laboratory was too small. 3 hours, 5 rolls of carpet and 50m of tape later the field was completed and the testing […]