At the German Open

RoboCup German Open starts today and we are on our way there right now. Today (Wednesday) and Thursday are setup days (closed to the public), but Friday to Sunday we will play some games against the other teams. If you want to come by and visit us, the entry is free. The schedule is online and will hopefully be updated when more details are known.

We are travelling with four robots (Konrad, Grace, Alan and Ada). We are a bit behind in our software development (not insignificantly caused by quite a few servo motors wreaking havoc the last week), but expect to fix the main remaining issues in the next two days. We will use the competition to evaluate the robots’ weak points (both in hardware and software). When we come back from Magdeburg, there will be precisely 8 weeks left to RoboCup 2013 in Eindhoven.

As usual, we will try to keep updates posted. However, depending on time this may only happen on Facebook or Twitter (also shown live on the right side).

Wish us luck.

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