Videos of Day 2

Standup motions and scoring a goal:

Walker training:

Day 2

It’s the second setup day of RoboCup German Open and we are very much busy preparing our robots. We are making excellent progress, however there is still a lot to do and no real time to relax.

We will have our first game tomorrow at 1pm against the new team Bold Hearts, followed by a […]

At the German Open

RoboCup German Open starts today and we are on our way there right now. Today (Wednesday) and Thursday are setup days (closed to the public), but Friday to Sunday we will play some games against the other teams. If you want to come by and visit us, the entry is free. The schedule is online […]

Group Picture

Getting back up

As German Open 2013 approaches rapidly (10 days left), we are rather busy trying to finalize our robot. The hardware is now almost done (99.9%) and we start to really focus on adjusting our software to the updated robots.

One of the delayed tasks was getting the new robots to stand up after a fall. […]

Happy Easter!