New Steps

Due to the now missing sensors in the feet, the walking of the robots had to be updated to be stable again. To show you the progress we made so far, here’s a short video (recorded in early December, more updates will follow!):

Christmas pictures

The university was closed during the holidays (christmas and new years) and just opened again yesterday. All robots are back from their short vacation and robot Ada wanted to show you some of her christmas pictures.

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Ground truth

In order to analyse the self-localization and world modelling, as well as to assist in machine learning approaches to various parts of the robot software, ground truth data is needed – i.e. the correct information where the robot actually is, and where the ball is. With that information we can compare the robot’s perception of […]

Sensor Board

For the past two years, our robots utilized an ARM microcontroller to communicate with the servos. For 2013, we are going to update this system big-time with these new features:

multi-channel communication to servos (allows to talk to torso, left and right leg independently for increased communication speed) on-board 9 axis IMU two ARM M4 […]