Half Time

It is about half-time between RoboCup 2012 and RoboCup 2013 – and despite the lack of updates on the website we are actually quite active. But we feel very guilty of being so silent, so as an end-of-year resolution, we are going to post a couple of updates over the next few days. And hopefully keep them coming more regularly in 2013.

To close the loop from the “We are going to Mexico” post – we did actually come back a long time ago, but posted our updates mainly on Twitter and Facebook back then. So you should follow us there as well 🙂

As you may have gleaned from our tweets, it didn’t go too well in Mexico. We had various hardware and software issues that annoyingly built on top of each other. Most frustratingly were ever increasing problems with the loadcell sensors in the robots’ feet. We use these to track ground contact in order for the robot to know when it’s time to lift the other leg for the next step. For reasons still unknown, these sensors completely failed on different levels (mechanical damage, circuit boards not workinging anymore, firmware crashing) – even when we used the versions from RoboCup 2011 where problems were minimal. Very mysterious. As a result, the robots were walking rather erratically, a number of hot fixes accumulated but could not improve anything very much.

The result of all this were very stressful days in Mexico for the whole team, and a not very glamorous exit in the quarter finals. All the goals shot in the round robin games were done by Anna and Lina (our top-stars of 2011) which we brought along as backup.

When we came back, we analyzed our problems and planned out a rough roadmap for RoboCup 2013. Some of the achieved results so far will be shown here soon.

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