Getting fatter

For some time we’ve been a bit unhappy with the location of the robots’ batteries – they were offsetting the center of mass too far to the back, and also it looked a bit strange. So, we decided to make the robots fatter, i.e. create a new torso that has a depth of 8cm (previously it was 6cm) and put the battery inside the torso. Apart from them looking nicer, they should also be easier to balance (the biggest weight is inside, not hanging at the back) and we hopefully can get rid of some of the cabling that blemished our robots’ backs.

So, just in time for christmas, we built a first rough prototype. Below is an image with the new torso already assembled onto one of the robots and it is looking good. Once we have finished all tests (hopefully by mid-January) we will ask the physics workshop to (professionally) manufacture new torsos for all our robots.
New Torso

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