New power board

The power supply board we used so far had a couple of issues which we set out to fix in a new and enhanced version for the upcoming tournaments:

only 30×75 mm² in size and about 10mm in height works without a relais (saves weight, also the power does not drop if robot falls down […]

Source code 2012

As last year, we decided to also release this year’s source code. More precisely, the version used in our last game (quarter finals) at RoboCup 2012 in Mexico City. Even though a code re-use is rather difficult in the humanoid league (due to the different and often quite individually constructed robots of each team), we […]


Following our walking issues and the decision to get rid of the loadcells, we realized that it may take more than just a few days of work to get the robots to walk stably again. So in order to still be able to do tests with moving robots, we built ourselves a wheeled platform. The […]

More yellow

One of the biggest challenges for 2013 will be a change in the rules. In the past we played with one yellow and one blue goal. So if, for example, our robot’s goal was yellow, they only shot the ball into the blue goal. In the process of approaching “normal” soccer rules, the blue goal […]

Getting fatter

For some time we’ve been a bit unhappy with the location of the robots’ batteries – they were offsetting the center of mass too far to the back, and also it looked a bit strange. So, we decided to make the robots fatter, i.e. create a new torso that has a depth of 8cm (previously […]

Half Time

It is about half-time between RoboCup 2012 and RoboCup 2013 – and despite the lack of updates on the website we are actually quite active. But we feel very guilty of being so silent, so as an end-of-year resolution, we are going to post a couple of updates over the next few days. And hopefully […]