Standing Up (2)

Though this year’s stand up motion from the back was very – for loss of a better word – cool 🙂 it was not very efficient. It took too much time and it moved the robot too far away from the position where it fell down. So one of the big goals for 2012 was […]

Standing Up (1)

One issue we had with this year’s robot was an efficient stand-up motion. With the new robot model it’s much easier. In the video we show you the first attempt to stand up from the front. We hope to increase the speed a bit more once the robot design is fully finished.

You can […]

Here we go again

With 7 1/2 months to go until RoboCup, we are close to finish our new hardware setup. Here’s a picture from a month ago, showing the three generations of robots – in cyan our 2009/2010 model, in magenta this year’s model and a bit naked and not quite finished our new design. We are re-using […]