Nail biting start in the 2nd round robin

As we were first in our group and did not participate in the technical challenges, we had a lot of time to prepare for the first game in the second group phase today. As usual we tried various improvements and added bug fixes and were rather optimistic entering the game against TKU.

Unfortunately our optimism went downhill rather quickly once the game started. It was definitely not a good performance on our part. In the first half we can at least blame the network setup, as the wireless router malfunctioned and dropped most of the network communication. This meant that at times both teams just stood on the field doing nothing as they did not receive the start signal. During a game the network issues caused our robots to lose track who was in their team with the expected confusions. The first half ended with a tie (1:1).

After rebooting the router, the second half did not went particulary better as now our robots still seemed to be confused. During the few times they got their act together, there was some nice moves and we scored to 2:1. At the moment we are still looking for the underlying cause of the problems we experienced and have found a few possible reasons that we are working on to resolve as soon as possible.

The group games will continue tomorrow, with the first game against Pioneros Mexico at 10:15am (9:15 CEST) and Cyberlords la Salle at 1:45pm (12:45 CEST).


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