First in group

Apologies to everybody for not having posted news yesterday, but a loss of internet here at RoboCup as well as a downtime of our webserver successfully prevented us from going into too much detail of the rather distressing test game against the WF Wolves.

Yesterday was the second setup day and we continued preparing the robots. To test our new system we scheduled a test match with the WF Wolves which started with various delays at 8:45pm and lasted one half time. In these 10 minutes we scored one goal (final score 1:0) and lost two robots. The surving robots failed to stand up so overall it was not a very good game for us. Luckily, often apparently big problems have little causes that can be easily fixed and this we did.

Together with additional adjustments we met the WF Wolves again this morning and the game went much better. Not yet perfect, but much better. First off, standing up worked in the default cases (but we will have to fix the issues with getting up again if the robot was not lying flat on the ground or when his arms were buried below him). We also saw the ball and dribbled it successfully towards the opposing goal. However we lost many goal chances as we accidentially touched the Wolves’ goalie (not allowed in RoboCup games). This is something we need to work on for the next games which start tomorrow afternoon.

The final score of the first (and last) group game in this round was 2:0 which means we are first in group and proceed to the second group round. This round will start tomorrow afternoon after the technical challenges (which we won’t participate in this year). We will play three games in this round and to proceed to the quarter finals on Saturday we need to be in the top two of this group.

Anna and Emil

Scoring a goal against WF Wolves

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