One week to go

So it’s only one short week left before RoboCup 2011 kicks off in Istanbul, Turkey. Looking back over our last posts, we haven’t been very communicative recently as there was just so much to do in preparation. But before we start with our RoboCup reporting, we will save some time this week giving you a quick peek at what we’ve been working on so tirelessly this year.

Young robot Eve at German Open 2009

Two years ago we built a new robot team and since then Eve, Tim, Bob and Lea have been working hard at various competitions to show their robot soccer skills. At this they were very successful, winning Iran Open twice, winning second place at German Open and also winning second place in both RoboCups they participated in.

Robot Susi in 2010

As some may remember, we tried to extend our robot family last year with new robots (Nina and Susi) however there were various difficulties with them that ultimately caused them to never actually play in a game. After RoboCup 2010, however, it became clear that the team needed reinforcement to have a chance in 2011.

So the planning began and we started working on a new robot team. And while there are still some small issues to be fixed and some parts to be attached, the new team is ready to go to RoboCup. For the rest of the week we will present to you some information about the new team, so check back, subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


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