A new head

As one important change in design of the new robots is the relocation of the computing unit from the head into the upper torso, we also updated the design of our head. As this was the last stage in development, this probably won’t be the final design (maybe it will even change before RoboCup starts) […]

Looking at the world with new eyes

One of the main advancements we wanted to make this year was to change our camera to a smart cam. The particular model we had in sight (pardon the pun) had a global shutter (very good for robots) instead of the rolling shutter we had the last years. Additionally it featured a whopping 700 MHz […]

A look at the competition

Today in a week the first round of games will have already started and we will have played our first match. If you are interested to know who we will be up against, you can check out the qualification videos of the participating teams. But beware that the teams had to qualify many months ago […]

Wireless brain

We mentioned our new brain before and by now it’s in active use in the new robots. On it we are running a customized Linux system with kernel 2.6.35 with very minor patching to fix some serial baudrate issues.

The speed improvement was tremendous and allowed us to do a few more things in the […]

New feet

The foot of a robot is quite important. It is also quite helpful if the robot can sense whether a foot is on the ground. In 2009 our feet noticed ground contact by four simple push buttons in each corner of the foot. Last year we tried using pressure sensors to get a more accurate […]

Good bye, Eve and Bob

One of the reasons of designing a new robot team was that the old one was increasingly harder to maintain. They worked very well but over the years, after many competitions and much more test games in our lab, the amount of repairing grew quite a bit. With much effort we brought the team in […]

One week to go

So it’s only one short week left before RoboCup 2011 kicks off in Istanbul, Turkey. Looking back over our last posts, we haven’t been very communicative recently as there was just so much to do in preparation. But before we start with our RoboCup reporting, we will save some time this week giving you a […]

RoboCup2011: Just 2 weeks to go!

It doesn’t feel like RoboCup 2010 took place over a year ago – But somehow time flies by in these days… Unfortunately, we have still many things to do before leaving Berlin in around 2 weeks time. So keep your fingers crossed so that we get everything ready until then!

Everyone in the team is […]