A short summary: Iran Open 2011

Iran Open 2011

Iran Open 2011

After having returned from Magdeburg, we had a couple of hours for unpacking and packing our lagguage. Around 6am on the next day we met at the main station in Berlin. Later that day we had a flight to Teheran, which many of us used for getting some rest.

The weather in Teheran was surprisingly rainy and quite cold in the two set-up days. Since we did the most important things for the set-up in Magdeburg, we finished our work within a few hours. So we had some time to relax and start some code refactoring. We even found time to improve our self-localization, which was one of our biggest problems beside the hardware itself at the German Open.

The tournament started on the 3rd day and it was nice to see that many teams have improved their vision and walking skills. There were even more participants in the technical challenges than at the worldcup in Singapore and many of them did very well!
During round robin and the quarter final we got a clear lead wihtin the first half, so we were able to test some of the new updates. We are pretty sure that everything is moving in the right direction, nevertheless there’s so much more to do until July (RoboCup 2011 in Istanbul).

Our game results during round robin:
1. match: 6:0
2. match: 5:0

quarter final vs. AUT:  3:0
semi final vs. PNU: 3:0

final vs. Parand: 6:0 (5:0)
In our last match we started by showing the best game play since ages. We had a solid lead of 5:0, even one more goal was not given by the referee because of goalie touching. In the second half Lea struggled with her ground contact sensors and Bob ripped of his motor cables regularly. Also we had to solve a very difficult situation near by our goal, which was done by Lea in a very good way.
So we ended up with a total score of 23:0 goals.

Overall, it was a nice competition and we got to know many nice people! Thanks for all the travelling, restaurant and food recommendations 🙂
We hope to see you again next year at the Iran Open 2012!

We are very sorry that we had a big lack of updates on our website, but it is hard to get access to the internet most of the time. So please check Twitter and Facebook to see all the latest updates!
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