German Open: First competition day

The third day at RoboCup German Open is nearly over, it’s now time to summarize our progress.

Today, there were the first games in the so called Round-Robin round, in which each of the four teams played against each other. We started at 11am with a game against the Darmstadt Dribblers and repeated once again the final games of the RoboCup of 2009 and 2010. We lost with 10:1, but we have still many hardware issues, so that we played most of the time with only one or two robots.

But the next match against the Iranian team Rouyan was better, so that we won with 4:0. But to tell the truth, the Iranian team had more problems then us, so even had no robot on the field …

Against the WF Wolves from WolfenbĂĽttel we won, too, with 3:0.

So, we are now ranked second after the todays Round-Robin round.

Currently, we are working something out for the Technical Challange, which starts tomorrow morning. In the Technical Challange the teams try to deal with currently hard problems in the humanoid league, like passing the ball, throwing-in or a good obstacle avoidance. The Technical Challange therefore shows the direction towards which the league could develop in the next few years.

The semi finals will take place tomorrow afternoon as well.

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