This past weekend the Nao-Team HWTK, the NaoTeam Humboldt and ourselves met at RoBOW’11 (Open RoboCup Workshop in Berlin) to play some games and for some talks about RoboCup related topics. It was a great event that allowed us to get to know each other better, do some experiments with new functionality in our robots and also to learn quite a few new things that we are eager to try out soon.

We are hoping to release some videos and pictures from the event soon, but first we need to do some hardware repairs. On a positive note, Eve is feeling much better know (broken heel and loose power connection are both fixed), and Lea is on the way to recovery. Even though there were some hardware issue, we scored 3:3 in Saturday’s game against Nao-Team HWTK (2:1, 1:2) and 2:1 in Sunday’s game against NaoTeam Humboldt (1:1, 1:0).

NaoTH has some reports about day one and day two on their website, make sure to check it out.

Our thanks go to NaoTeam Humboldt for organizing and preparing everything. We are looking forward to the next workshop in a few months.

End of workshop, just a lonely (toy) mouse is still running.


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