Round Robin 2 – 3:0 gegen TKU

Today was the first of three games in Round Robin 2, where 4 groups of 4 teams play against each other and the best two proceed in the quarter finals. The game ended with a 3:0 victory. Two goals shot by TKU did not count due to rule violations and our robots missed (by just a little bit) on two further occasions.

FUmanoids vs TKU

Bob vs TKU

Seconds before the final goal

Generally we are still improving our software, in this game the robots now played properly in a team which worked very well. However they had some trouble approaching the ball precisely, something that is currently being worked on and which should be fixed soon. We are also fine-tuning our strategies and other improvements – and also there is a secret weapon under development that we hope to deploy in the final games.

Next two games in Round Robin 2 are against Team Persia tomorrow at 9:45 SGT (3:45 CEST, 1:45 UTC) and Chibi Dragons at 1:15pm SGT (7:15 CEST, 5.15 UTC).Wish us luck.

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