Setup Day 2 and First in group

Yesterday was setup day #2 and in the morning we had a quick demonstration game for some VIPs where one of our robot and two from other teams played against the Darmstadt Dribblers.

Demonstration game against Darmstadt Dribblers for some VIPs

Of course our “team” was not really playing together, so any kind of coordination was impossible. Turned out this was not much of an issue though, as we noticed a few problems in our software and mostly ignored the ball anyway 🙁 However, on the plus side, this was an important realization that led to a lot of intensive work to prepare for today’s game (and which was the reason for the lack of updates yesterday). And the effort paid off, first when we won 2:0 against WF Wolves this morning …

WF Wolves (to the left)

… and then (after more improvements) 4:0 against SitiK KIT.

SitiK KIT from Japan (to the right)

There’s still a lot to do until the next game, but we are looking forward optimistically. Right now we are first in our group and will proceed into Round Robin 2 starting tomorrow afternoon (Singapore time) and ending on Wednesday noon. Before that is the technical challenge, which we are working on now, too.

RoboCup venue

RoboCup venue

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