Setup Day 1

We arrived well last night at our hostel in Singapore’s China Town. After watching Germany play their second game in the World Cup in a restaurant/bar across the street, and a good nights rest (or not so much, depending on how everybody handled the 6 hour jet lag), we successfully managed our way to RoboCup. Not much happened so far, we set up our table and started adjusting to the new environment. Currently the team leader meeting is in progress and the groups are being drawn. We already know we will be in Group H, but won’t know who else until in about an hour or so.

There’s still a lot of work to do and we will stay until they close the hall for tonight (11pm). Tomorrow is the opening ceremony and a short demonstration for VIPs where we are scheduled to have a tiny demonstration match against the Darmstadt Dribblers, last year’s winners.

In the picture you can see Eve and Tim in a strategy planning meeting and Susi taking a well needed nap.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsors:

We couldn’t have afforded to come here without their help and we appreciate the support! P.S.: If your company wants to support us next year, do check out our Sponsors page or just sent us an email.

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