Off to RoboCup 2010

According to schedule in less than 6 hours we will leave for Singapore (via a stop-over in Heathrow). We have Eve, Tim, Bob and Lea with us who did a great job last year in Graz. Also accompanying us are Nina and Susi, our newest members of the team.

Nina during "bootcamp", preparing for RoboCup 2010

We have done a LOT of changes, here are just some of the highlights:

  • new vision system not relying only on colors, but more focussed on edges
  • better communication between robots and handling of world data
  • improved color calibration
  • new self localisation
  • improved actuators
  • added a gyroscope
  • and most importantly, a new behavior system with new behaviors and strategies for the robots

We are looking forward to test all these new components (or basically, the whole new system) next week. While we could really have needed another few weeks to polish everything perfectly, it’s already working quite well and hopefully there won’t be too many problems coming up.

Saturday and Sunday are setup days, with the first competitions starting on Monday and the finals on Thursday – which we are hoping to be a part of :-). On this website we will try to bring you an update at least after every game, so check back regularly or just subscribe to our RSS/Atom feed. For shorter updates (and your chance to leave feedback) we will also post some things at and – if you aren’t following us yet, now is a good time.

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