Towel Day

Today is towel day in memoriam of Douglas Adam and as appropriate for modern robots, our soccer team also always has a towel handy. You never know …

P.S.: And “Don’t Panic” is the rule here as well – with only 24 days to go until RoboCup 2010.


FUmanoids @ Spline-Talk

The FUmanoids are going to give a Spline-Talk on the 17th of April at 6 pm in the main lecture hall of the FU Department of Computer Science. So if you want to know more about the FUmanoids, time consuming hobbies, robotics in general and/or soccer just attend the talk. If you’re interested in anything […]

Nina’s Walk

Nina is making good progress in her development, her walking is coming along nicely:

Just a bit over 5 weeks until RoboCup 2010 …