We won the Iran Open 2010!

After winning all group games we also won the finals.

The committee decided to have a round robin for the best three teams instead of two half finals and a final. So we had to play against Persia and Grobots. We beat Persia with 1:0. Grobots was the stronger opponent (most wins after us). They played with a goalie who showed a good defense behavior and a striker who was able to move fast and stable.

We decided to use three robots, one as goalie, two as striker. Luckily shortly before the match we found a huge bug that prevented us from kicking in the goal, our direction simply didn’t match the opponent goal. We also improved the color calibration for our strikers so they were able to see the ball from a greater distance.

With those improvements we scored our first goal really quickly. Now it was Grobots turn, they attacked, kicked the ball towards our goal and it passed our goalie and stopped in front of the goal line. Weirdly enough our goalie did not move but it was impossible for Grobots to reach the ball. Later Tim lost his head because of a loose screw. In the second period, Tim was repaired, he scored twice and Eve once. The final result was 4:0 for us and thus the FUmanoids are the winner of the KidSize-League.

Thanks to the rest of the team in Berlin!

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