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New videos

As promised earlier, we added some more videos (see Videos 2009 for a full list or Awards and Scores for the game videos). For now it’s just the “missing” games of RoboCup 2009, namely the round robin games and the quarter final against aiRobot:

Quarter Final aiRobot 7:2 (3:2) Video 1st half, 2nd half
2nd Round Robins Tsinghua Hephaestus 6:0 Video
2nd Round Robins WF Wolves 9:0 Video 1st half, 2nd half
2nd Round Robins Bogobots-TecMTY 5:0 Video 1st half, 2nd half
1st Round Robins VT_DARwIn 1:0 (1:0) Video
1st Round Robins TH-MOS 10:0 Video 1st half, 2nd half

Some more will hopefully come later.

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