RoboCup is over and we won 2nd place

The day started with our website being down, so at the time of writing the game is now long over.

We arrived shortly after 8am and though we expected a rather relaxed day, the stress level turned high quite soon as we tried to experiment with improving some aspects of game play and noticed that Eve and Bob needed some additional work. Both received new knees (new motors, thanks to Bioloid!) and work on the “brain” was required as well.

In the final game our robots played very well. We managed to be in ball possession quite a lot and were also often able to navigate the ball close to the Dribblers’ goal. Still, Darmstadt Dribblers were faster at positioning and kicking the ball and also had a VERY good goal keeper. So in the end the game ended prematurely (with less than one minute of game time left) with 11:1 for Darmstadt.

Darmstadt Dribblers – FUmanoids 11 : 1

You can watch the final game at YouTube:

First half of final (6:0)
Second half of final (11:1)

And here’s our team receiving the 2nd prize:


(Image by David Kriesel)

P.S.: Best of RoboCup video with finals

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