Semi-finale 4:3

At 4pm our robots got ready to play their most nerve-wrecking match yet. In the semi-finale we met CIT Brains from Japan. We already played against them earlier this week and won 4:2, however we saw them play the day before against Darmstadt Dribblers in another test game and it was obvious that they had been working very hard at improving their game play.

The game itself proved to put both parts of the team (robots and humans) at the edge of their strength. At the end of the first half the game was tied 2:2 and the nerves lay blank:


(Image by David Kriesel)


(Image by David Kriesel)


(Image by David Kriesel)

In the second half time which for some felt rather short and for others excruciatingly long, we managed to pull ahead and finish the game with a 4:3 victory.

CIT Brains – FUmanoids 3 : 4

Here you can see some of our robots relaxing after the game. We did not allow them to have any alcohol, though, as the finale tomorrow will be quite challenging:


(Image by David Kriesel)

And here’s our team in a group photo with CIT Brains:


(Image by David Kriesel)

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