Technical Challenges

Today we are facing the technical challenges. Before our half-hour time slot, Eve is eagerly awaiting to get in action whereas Bob needs a little rest.

20090703-eve-standing 20090703-bob-rests

The first challenge we tried was the obstacle avoidance and dribbling. We had a bit of bad luck as a few times the robot dribbled the ball against an obstacle and when it tried to move on it always touched the obstacle (ending the trial). Finally we reached the goal area, though, however we missed to pass the goal line by accidentially moving the ball outside the field.

20090703-dribblingThe next technical challenge was the throw-in of the ball. The robot is supposed to go to the ball near the side pole, stand behind it and throw it into the field. Unfortunately there were some differences in the interpretation of the rules, so our robot was not properly locating itself and threw the ball outside the playing field. Steffen and Sebastian wanted to break out in tears, but we made them work on improving tomorrow’s game play instead ­čśÄ

We recorded a short video demonstrating the (properly orientated :-)) throw-in. (Hopefully we will be adding some more videos in the coming days and weeks).

Some of the robots also came together for a team photo. Tim was camera-shy, so he stayed at our table, but Lea made more than up for this. In the back you see Bob and Eve observe how Lea posed herself.


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