First competition day

TH-MOS – FUmanoids 0 : 10

We had a very good start this morning and finished our first game ahead of time. Now we are looking forward to our next match against VT_DARwIn.

VT_DARwIn – FUmanoids 0 : 1

Somehow we “calibrated” too much magenta (obstacle color) into the field lines. That made our robots act weirdly. Nevertheless we scored more times than the other team and hit the goal post more than a dozen times … 😉 We won the first round and now have time to focus on the color calibration.

Test-Match: CIT brains – FUmanoids 2 : 4

Vision problems solved and a few behaviours adjusted. The test match against the current world’s third, CIT Brains from Japan, went very well – we scored 6 goals!

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