Second training day

After having had to leave the hall at 11pm last night (they just shut off more and more of the lights), we came back this morning looking forward to a test game against the Darmstadt Dribblers at 1pm. Before that, we had to pass inspection and continue our preparation.

Before the game, our robots enjoyed a short nap on the playing field to gather their strength:


They then played two half-times against Darmstadt. In the first half we lost 1:4 mostly due to absolutely no defense on our part. In the second half the robots played more aggressively and managed to shoot three goals. Defense was still a bit weak, so the final score was 4:6.

20090630-darmstadt-220090630-darmstadt-1(Images by David Kriesel)

The game gave us some hints for optimization, but we are optimistically looking forward to tomorrow’s matches against TH-MOS and VT_DARwIn.

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